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IITK provides provision to students to obtain Bachelors degree with majors in two departments/disciplines that offer BTech/BS degrees. The first major is in the parent department, while the second major is in the department to which the student is admitted for this purpose after the 4th semester.


Criteria :

1.Students applying for double major must have a minimum CPI of 8.0 .
2.Students applying for double major aren't allowed to opt for Minor or dual degree program.
3.Admission to the Double Major program depends upon the CPI of candidate and also the availability of seats in the host department.

Application Process

1.In order to enroll for Double Major, students will have to apply for the same towards the end forth semester.
2.Students will have to submit their application in DoAA office in the UG section before the deadline which will be announced by the DoAA office.
3.The application form of students who satisfy the criteria mentioned above will be processed by the concerned authorities at the end of the semester and the forms will be passed on the Parent and the Host Department. The departments are supposed to convey the results before the next semester begins.
4.Information will be conveyed to the selected students before the Final Registration of the next semester.

After The Application Process:

1.The list of compulsory courses will be provided to the students which they have to do along with the courses in their respective Parent department template.
2.Double Major students will be allowed to use OE slots and overloads to complete requirements for their second major. The use of such slots should be done in consultation with the DUGC convener of the parent as well as the host (second major) department .
3.Double Major students are allowed to use OE slots and also permitted to take overload to complete the Dual Major requirements.However, only a maximum of 36 OE credits from the parent department will be waived.
4.Dual Major students will be advised by both, the DUGC convener of Parent department as well as the DUGC convener of host department.

Termination/Withdrawal from the Double Major Programme

1.A student may himself/herself withdraw from the double major programme. However, he write an application to SUGC converner citing the reasons for withdrawl. This application shouls also be approved by the DUGC of both the host as well as parent department.
2.A student pusuing double major will withdrawn from the programme in eight Semester if his CPI falls below 6.0 .
3.He/she may also be withdrawn in the eighth semester if he/she falls short of 30 credits in parent or host department.
3.The Double Major programme will be terminated for a student who accumulates more than 25 credits of backlogs in the second major.

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