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The Dance Club of IIT Kanpur is one of the most active and hardworking club of IIT Kanpur. It's a very big club having more than 100 members in it. Its members perform versatile dance forms like hip-hop, bollywood, salsa, folk dance, classical, freestyle, contemporary and many more.It also conduct workshops and dance events, which are spread throughout the year. Working on the principle of learn, teach and perform many beginners become an important part of dance club. The club is managed by the coordinators who are third year students.
The main team after before their Jitterbug performance at Antaragni'16

K-OS(Krazy Over Sync) is the name taken by the main team of the club. It has participated in various cultural fests and proved its mettle. K-OS focuses on group dance, although it also encourages individuals to become exceptional solo dancers. Because of participating and winning in a lot of competitions in and outside IIT Kanpur, K-OS dance club is considered among the most successful clubs in IIT Kanpur. However, the team is beter known as Dance Culb, IIT Kanpur, than KOS.


Although there is little or no reference about when was the club established, we can estimate it to be in the period 2002 to 2005 from the various video resources and surveys of dance club members. From the achievements that most senior dance club members in 2012 talk about, it seems that the club started bringing glory to the name of IIT Kanpur from 2006 by winning various competitions.

Functionality and Hierarchy

Since all members in K-OS are students of IIT Kanpur, hence most start learning dance from the scratch as a part of K-OS. To give them enough opportunity to learn, the K-OS dance group follows a hierarchy.

KOS performing in 1st round of Tour-de-Force
  1. 1st year Students : The first year students are given the opportunity to dance for the first time in freshers' nite. To motivate participation in competitions, they are also asked to participate in the Street Dance in Antaragni as the B-team of K-OS. By this time, most members gain enough enthusiasm and bring even more 1st year members in rest of the major dance events (Dance Extravaganza, Galaxy, Hall Days,etc.)
    The main team after winning Tour-de-Force,Antaragni'16
  2. 2nd year Students : After the completion of 1 year of college, summer workshop for hip-hop and one other dance form is conducted for the dance club members to prepare for competitive dancing. Next they prepare a performance for the Orientation of next year students for attracting students to the club and also for building team chemistry. In the 2nd Fresher's Nite of a K-OS member, he/she gets his/her first experience with choreography when first year students are trained for dancing for the first time on stage. The K-OS dance team which represents IIT Kanpur in various competitions has its majority members from the 2nd year. They taste their first victories (usually) in 2nd year. They participate in various Fest across the country, for example:-
    • Rendezvous (IIT Delhi)
    • Antaragni (IIT Kanpur)
    • Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay)
  3. 3rd year Students : The members who continue to be associated with the dance club in 3rd year, are offered a chance of being a coordinator of the club, where the responsibilities begin. The coordinators have to manage all dance events throughout the year and also lead the K-OS teams in various competitions. They take the lead and prepare the team for upcoming competitions.
  4. Senior members : Usually a K-OS member does not perform as a part of dance club member after the 3rd year to give opportunity to junior members. They act as mentors and guides during the preparation of various performances and also as reviewers about which way K-OS is heading, and whether it needs to improve its policies and practices.


The club boasts of a well-furnished dance room on the top floor of new SAC. The room has a wooden floor, a computer set and powerful speakers. Mirrors are also installed in the front wall of the club. Also, the room has crash pads to help students perform dangerous stunts. The club is provided with an annual budget of approximately Rs.90,000 by the Students's Gymkhana to help it conduct its events.


Dance Club's performance on Dance Extravaganza

Dance Extravaganza

Dance Extravaganza is a charismatic show put up by the club for IITK junta. 40-50 dance performances covering all the basic hip-hop styles(like breaking, locking, krumping, popping,etc) , bollywood, some classical Indian forms, etc are showcased. The student community participates in large numbers. As has been trend in the past years, the students of the outgoing batch give an exclusive performance comprising of students of their own batch and create wonderful memories. It is usually conducted in second semester of the session and the venue is auditorium.

Dandiya Nite

Generally, organised around the mid-sem recess of the odd semseter, close to Dussehra, this event acts a stressbuster between the semester. It is held on the GH1 grounds and everyone is invited. It’s a night filled with dance, food, DJ, masti and of course dandiya. Dandiya nite begins with the worship of goddess Durga which makes the event more colorful. This event is open for all to dance their heart out with dandiya sticks.

Some Non-Club Events

Fresher's Nite

There are various cultural performances that happen on freshers' nite at OAT. Among them, the dance performance given by freshers' batch is generally the final performance and the main attraction. This provides a platform to the freshers' batch to show their talent and inspire the other freshers' to join the club. This dance performance is choreographed by second year students who get their first hand chance to do choreography and gain some experience.

Dance Pe Chance

A dance competition organized for the non dance club members giving them a chance to showcase their talents and shot to win prize money too. The competition is just the ideal platform to showcase your dancing talent and enthrall the audience as a performer.If energy, expression and passion, an electrifying atmosphere and a huge crowd applause give you an high, this is the event for you. This event has been discontinued.

Hall Level Events

Hall Day

Hall Day is an individual event which happens for each hall. This event is held in second semester of the session and gives a platform for the first year students of the hall to come out and showcase their talent in cultural activities. The first year students perform group dance under the guidance of second year dance club members of the hall. Since it is a hall level event, many dance club members begin their journey from hall day.


After hall day, Galaxy(Inter hall cultural competition) provides a much bigger platform for new dance club members. For Galaxy, both freshers and seniors work hard together for the glory of their hall. Galaxy has various dance competitions like battle(face-off), dance drama and group dance.


Every year dance club conducts some workshops for IIT-K junta. These include Hip-Hop, Freestyle, Salsa, Jazz etc. One of the workshops is taken by the senior dance club members and for other workshops professionals are called upon. Recent workshops conducted by dance club are as follows :

  1. Summer workshop'11 for Salsa and Jazz was organized this year which was taken by renowned choreographers Caroline D'souza and Zishan Ali.
  2. Summer workshop'11 for Hip-Hop dance, was also taken by professional choreographers like Rohan from "Rohan and Group" from Mumbai and Crafts of Kammotion from Kolkata.
  3. Hip Hop and Freestyle workshop'11 was also taken by Zishan Ali during semester.
  4. Summer workshop'13 for Hip-Hop dance by professional choreographers of the Xternal Force Crew.
  5. Summer workshop'13 for contemporary dance by professional Choreographer Ryan Martin (The Web Dance Academy)
  6. Summer workshop'14 for Hip-Hop dance by professional choreographers Tushar Kapoor, Harshavardhan Bhan and Prince.
  7. Summer workshop'16 for Hip-Hop dance by Fullstop Crew.


  • Winning streak at Antaragni Group Dance of six years ('11, '10, '09, '08, '07, '06)
  • Won the Dance event at Inter-IIT Cultural Meet'16.
    A still from the clud's Inter-IIT performance
  • Runner-up in Jitterbug, Antaragni '16.
  • 2nd runner up in Jitterbug, Antargni '12, '13 and '14.
  • Runner-up in Tour-de-Force (Street dance + Dance Face-off), Antaragni '13 and '14.
  • Won Street dance at Antaragni’08, ’09, ’10, '11, '12 and '16.
    • In 2012, the IITK B-team also bagged the 3rd position
    • In 2015, the IITK B-team qualified in the finals for the first time after addition of Dance Face-off
  • Won 1st prize in group dance at Rendezvous (IIT Delhi) in 2008.
  • 4th position across India in Meet-the-Street (Street-Dance + hip-hop battle + Stage performance), Mood Indigo '12
  • Won 3rd prize in group dance at Mood-Indigo (IIT Bombay) in 2011 and 2016.
  • Won 1st prize in street at Rendezvous in 2011.
  • Won 2nd prize in group dance at IIM Lucknow in 2011.
  • Won 1st prize in dance drama in Mood Indigo in 2008.
  • Won 1st prize in street dance at Mood Indigo in 2009
  • Won 2nd Prize in Dance Manhattan(Ballroom Dance) at Antaragni'08
  • Won special prize in Roots(folk) at Antaragni'08
  • Won 1st Prize in Roots(folk) at Antaragni'07
  • Won 3rd Prize in Street dance at Antaragni'07
  • Won 3rd prize in Jitterbug(solo) at Antaragni'05 ( Performer : Ravi Kiran Reddy)


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