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The Counselling Service strives to ensure the welfare of the students by providing them with emotional, academic and financial assistance. This is done through a vast multitude of activities undertaken by the service. The Service consists of a team of professional counsellors and a group of student volunteers and faculty advisors working in two primary arms: one concentrates on acclimatizing the freshmen to the new environment, and the other deals with mental health issues of the students. The Counselling Service office is located in Type V Quarters, House No. 503[1].

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The service was established in the year 1964. Apart from serving the IIT Kanpur community, Counselling Service has been instrumental in setting up similar bodies in various IITs across the country.Template:Under construction

Orientation Program

Every year, an Orientation Program is organized by the Counselling Service, IIT Kanpur for the incoming batch in their first week to introduce them to the various facilities, services, personnel, rules and regulations of the campus. Many sessions and workshops are held to make their transition smooth and help them to get accustomed to this new place. It is mandatory for freshers to attend this orientation program according to the Institute Policy.

Academic Help

On an ongoing basis the Counselling Service monitors the academic performance of those students who are not able to meet the adequate academic requirements. Any students facing difficulty in his/her courses can approach the corresponding academic mentors. For the first year courses, remedial classes are regularly conducted at the institute and hall level to help clarify doubts and concepts. The strength of the system lies in the fact that the classes are taught by the second year students who themselves have faced the problems in the past. The students who teach are chosen through a stringent process to ensure maximum effectiveness of the classes. Apart from this, there is also the concept of one-to-one mentoring where students can get in touch with the mentors directly in case they require further academic assistance.

Technical Terminology Classes

A recent initiative by the Counselling Service, Technical Terminology Classes (TTC) are aimed at ensuring a smooth transition for freshmen who face problems in understanding English in the early days at IIT Kanpur. Under this special classes are organised, where students are taught in Hindi and English simultaneously to enable them to learn at a faster pace.

Financial Help

The Students' Benevolence Fund (SBF) assists students to tide over their short-term financial needs by granting loans and scholarships. Short and medium term loans are given from the fund. Application for these loans is to be submitted to the Chairman, SBF.

About 60 scholarships at ₹1200/- or ₹1500/- are also awarded from the SBF to UG students who are unable to get financial support from the Institute or any other source. Students who apply for the same are interviewed by a panel of professors and eligible students avail the scholarship. These interviews are conducted by the Counselling Service every year. SBF also supports medical expenses of students up to a certain limit in case they are admitted to any hospital on the recommendation of the Health Centre, IITK.

English Conversation Classes

The Counselling Service organizes English Conversation Classes (ECC) for the students who face difficulty in understanding and communicating in English. The notices for the same are put on all the hall notice boards a few days after the commencement of the semester. These classes are conducted thrice a week at a nominal fee. Besides covering basic grammar and some other general rules of the language, these classes also include many interactive sessions, group discussions; role plays etc. so that the students feel more confident about interacting in English.


Counselling Session

Any student can come for a one-on-one counselling session because of any reason that might be troubling him/her. The student information and the session details are kept completely confidential. Currently there are four counsellors that are available for the counselling. The Counselling Sessions are free and completely confidential.

Head, Counselling Service

  • Professor M.K. Ghorai (
Head, Counselling Service


  • Sharmistha Chakroborty
  • Rita Shukla
  • Shoukath Ali


The Institute has two psychiatrists who visit the campus on a regular basis. Students are informed about psychiatrist visits in advance through email. The visits are kept at regular intervals as decided by counsellor and psychiatrist.

  • Dr.Alok Bajpai
Dr. Bajpai is trained in Psychiatry from NIMHANS, Bangalore. Apart from practicing general Psychiatry, a consistent focus of his work has been with child and adolescent mental health, and he has established a unique child and adolescent mental health center in Kanpur.
  • Dr.Sanjay Mahendru
Dr. Sanjay Mahendru is a graduate from G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur. He has done his MD Psychiatry from K.G. Medical College, Lucknow. Currently, besides being actively involved in practice, he is also conducting quality research in the form of clinical drug trials.

Common Problems

Counselling Service deals with many students problems prevalent in the campus. Some of them are:

  • Anxiety
  • Concentration
  • Conflicts
  • Exam Stress
  • Homesickness
  • Language Problems
  • Loneliness
  • Procrastination
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Study Tips
  • Time Management

To deal with such problems Counselling Service organizes various sessions such as Session on Addictive Behaviour, Intern Gyaan Session, Session with Seniors, Sessions on Study techniques and Know your Department[2].


The service can be reached via the local landline number 7784. Additionally, one can schedule an appointment with the counsellor through the counsel website. The student volunteers are available in their respective halls. Their details can be found here


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