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The Computer Science and Engineering department of IIT Kanpur provides computing lab facilities to support research and development in all areas of Computer Science. The labs are available round the clock for CSE students. However, there is restricted entries for non-cse students from 6 PM to 6 AM.

Most of the servers and work stations are Linux based. Windows is also available as an option on lab workstations. Most of the servers are LXC based virtual hosts.

The labs are equipped with a 1 GBPS switched network with a tree topology. All systems (servers & clients) are equipped with 1 GBPS NICs. A CISCO Catalyst 3750G Series Layer-3 switch acts as a backbone switch. The connectivity between CSE and the institute Computer Center is through fiber optic cables. A total of 50 switches (24 ports each) each having 1 GBPS speed cover both the CSE buildings. The department has two server rooms which are full with different kinds of servers. These server rooms also have specific project based servers & systems.

Source: CSE Lab


Kadim Diwan Building Labs

1st Floor Lab

The first floor labs are equipped with high end Intel® Core™ i7 Processors and 8 GB RAM. There are about 52 systems in this lab each running Debian / CentOS. The PCs can be accessed by every student of the department (except for 1st year students) using their cse login ID. However, no sudo access is given, so the students cannot install any new software. This lab is rarely used by students.

2nd Floor Lab

The second floor lab is one of the best labs in the department. There are 32 PCs each powered by the Intel® NUCs (Next Unit of Computing). The specifications are:

  • Intel® Core™ i3-4010U Processors @ 1.7GHz [Haswell ULT 22nm Technology]
  • 4.00 GB of RAM @ 1600 MHz
  • 120 GB Kingston SSD @ SATA III 6.0 Gbps
  • Intel HD Graphics [598 MHz]

3rd Floor Lab

This lab has 56 systems. The PCs in this lab are also pretty much useless. They are mainly used for CS251 and CS252 Computating Laboratory course. These are powered by Intel® Atom™ Processors having 4 GB of RAM. The only thing good in this lab is that the students have sudo access and can install OS or any software that they need.

RA/Ph.D Labs

These labs are usually allotted to Ph.D and M.Tech students. There is no specific configuration of the PCs and they have customized hardware. There are many such labs on all the floors of the building. These labs are assigned labs. The students receives grant to upgrade a component of their system every year.

Rajeev Motwani Building Labs

There are no labs for general use in this building. However, there are many labs for the Ph.D and M.Tech or B.Tech students. There are 7 labs for students and 4 more labs managed by SIDBI.

CSE Lab Facilities

Apart from providing PCs to the students, the labs also provide several other facilities. The CSE lab provides NFS, SMTP mail, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, MariaDB database server, Intranet website, Internet website and NTP services. One Linux based server provides DNS, LDAP, DHCP & NTP services.


The labs have several printers out of which 2 of them can be used by all the students having CSE login IDs. The B.Tech students are allotted 50 print outs per month and M.Tech students can take 200 print outs per month.

How to Print

First, login via SSH to pprserver [ppr.cse.iitk.ac.in].

To print:

ppr -d <printer name> <filename>

For double sided printing: ppr -d <printer name> --feature Duplex=DuplexNoTumble <filename>

Printer Name:

lp1 - Ground floor lab

lp2 - Top floor lab

lp3 - Middle Floor lab

Check Queue / Cancel Jobs


ppop cancel <target>

Use all to cancel all jobs scheduled by you.

List jobs

ppop list <target>

Use all to cancel all jobs scheduled by you.


There is a flatbed scanner in the ground floor lab in KD. It is attached to a system with Microsoft Windows 7, which can be accessed by anyone.


Recently CSE lab has deployed one cloud which has currently 20 compute nodes having dual Intel® Xeon™ 6 core CPUs with 48 GB RAM each. It supports 240 physical (480 logical) cores with 960 GB RAM. Soon capacity will be enhanced. Currently M.Tech, MTI & Ph.D students are using this system.

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