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Café Coffee Day (abbreviated as CCD) is an Indian café chain owned by Coffee Day Global Ltd (Earlier known as Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company). The campus hosts a CCD outlet, situated in the academic area.



It is located within the academic area close to the P K Kelkar Library, and adjacent to the Southern labs. It is frequented by many campus residents, especially students.

CCD Outlet

Outlet Description

The CCD outlet provides excellent food and is renowned for its quality of the coffee. Every item is subsidized to half its original price. The menu includes signature hot & cold coffees, burgers, frappes, cakes etc. This place is one of the most hygienic eating places in the campus. The overall environment adds to the experience. Visit for the great ambience and the intoxicating aroma of roasted coffee beans. It opens at 9 o'clock in the mornings and closes at around 11 pm. This place has a perfect setup for the students to meet each other, to discuss various things, ranging from studies to relationship, and to celebrate birthdays too. The professors and their families also visit this place for some discussions or sometimes for just the coffee. In addition to having awesome snacks and fabulous coffee at the place, CCD is the place for you at the time for birthdays. After a good session of reading at the library, this place serves as an excellent facility to relax. The overall ambiance is very nice, and that accompanied by the good food/drinks makes it a great leisure point. They take cake orders ranging from the chocolaty Dark Fantasy cake to the refreshing fruit cake.But please be aware to collect it early because the closing time is around 11:30pm.

Customer Service

This place provides high-quality customer service and the food service is pretty quick too. So, the place, as a whole, is quite efficient. The staff is friendly and cooperative. They try their best to accommodate the customers and make sure that they keep them satisfied.

Some unique features

The outlet also has half of the section marked as the silent zone. It is the best place to sit down quietly and enjoy sips of coffee. The outside view from this section is also quite enjoyable. You can let your mind wander around without any interference.

There is an outdoor seating facility, where you can enjoy your beverage amidst the cool breeze (yes, there is a lot of greenery around).

Other Services

There is a provision of WiFi facility for IITK members. The place is spacious and has indoor and outdoor tables. Here indoor rooms are fully air conditioned and also a central Television is available for the costumers' entertainment.


The place has recently been renovated. The internals have been redesigned to make it much more spacious. The aesthetics have improved a lot and air conditioning fixed. Better outdoor seating and two serving counters cater to more people efficiently.


1.Lokesh Yadav IIT Kanpur Photographer for a picture.

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