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The IIT Act of 1961 makes the Board of governors responsible for the overall direction and control of the Institute. . The board is headed by a chairman, who is nominated by the Visitor (in practice, the MHRD). In addition to the director, the board has four members nominated from the IIT Council(=MHRD), and also from the states it serves (1 each). There are also two senate nominees.

A unique feature of IIT Kanpur is that two senate members are selected based on the opinion of all faculty members. This election is supervised by the Senate.

The IIT Kanpur board has two subcommittees - Finance [1] and Building Works [2]. Of the two senate nominees, one member is from the Engineering sciences (he/she sits on the Building Works subcommittee), and the other from the Sciences/HSS (Finance subcommittee).

The Registrar serves as the secretary (non-member). At IIT Kanpur all the deans and the deputy director and the Finance Officer are special invitees (non-member).

The Chairman and members of the committee, as per the IIT Act, should be eminent technologists.

List of the Chairmen, Board of Governors

Name Year(s)
Dr. Sampurnanand (CM, UP) [3] 1959-1960
C.B. Gupta (CM, UP) [4] 1960-1965
Padampat Singhania (Industrialist) [5] 1965-1971
S. Hussain Zaheer (Science Administrator) [6] 1971-1974
M. L. Dhar (Organic Chemist) [7] 1971-1974
L. M. Thapar (Industrialist) [8] 1978-1980
P. Venkateswarlu (officiating, IITK Phys) 1980
R. N. Dogra (Civil Engineer) [9] 1980-1985
Ashok S. Ganguly (MD, Hindustan Lever) [10] 1985-191990
Subrata Ganguly 1990-1993
R C Malhotra (Directoor IITK, officiating) 1993-1994
Govind Hari Singhania (Industrialist) 1994-1997
H. S. Bhartiya (Industrialist) [11] 1997-2003
C. N. R. Rao (Chemist) [12] 2003-2006
M. Anandakrishnan (Civil Engineer) [13] 2006-2015
I. Manna (officiating) 2015-
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