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Bithoor or Bithur is a small town in Kanpur District, 12.2 kilometers by road from IIT Kanpur. Bithoor is situated on the left bank of the Ganges, and is the centre of Hindu pilgrimage. According to Hindu mythology, Bithur is the birthplace of Ram's sons Luv and Kush.The city is enlisted as a counter magnet of Kanpur Metropolitan Area.

Brahmavart Ghat


Bithoor is located at about 12-13 km distance from IIT Kanpur Campus. It takes 30-40 minutes to reach there unless one gets trapped in traffic jams which are quite frequent during the evening time. Mostly students prefer to go in groups so they book an auto-rickshaw which are easily available and quite inexpensive. The auto-rickshaw drops at the desired locations and brings back to IITK campus as well. One more adventurous way which students prefer to visit Bithoor is Cycling. In this mode, students prefer to start off the campus as early as 4 o'clock in the morning so that they can return before experiencing the scorching heat.

Notable Landmarks

Brahmavart Ghat

Artificial Kailash Mountain at Siddhidham Ashram

This is the holiest of the holy ghats of Bithoor. The students spend quality time at the ghat with their friends. Various exciting options viz. taking a bath in the river, boating, and clicking pics or selfies are available to the students. You can visit the temple situated beside the river as well.

Siddhidham Ashram

Siddidham Ashram, also known as Sudhanshu ji Maharaj Ashram is under "Vishva Shanti Mission" organisation which is run by Sudhanshu ji Maharaj. It is situated on Bithoor road. The ashram has a big campus. There is also a Radha Krishna temple and an artificial Kailash Mountain. You can spend some quality time in tranquility here.

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