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Badminton Courts at New SAC, IIT Kanpur

Badminton is one of the fastest racket sports in the world. The campus has two badminton stadiums built at different locations. It is a popular sport among the campus population, and with every hostel featuring a few badminton courts, it is often played as a casual outdoor activity by the hostel residents. The Badminton team of IIT Kanpur practices at New SAC courts and have the first two courts reserved for them in the evening. The third court and Old Sports Complex courts are open to all.



IIT Kanpur provides excellent facilities for badminton enthusiasts with 5 indoor wooden courts. 3 of them are housed in the New SAC. The other 2 are at the Old Sports Complex. The courts are open from 6am to 11am and 4pm to 9pm on all days except Sunday when they open from 6am to 9am and 5pm to 9pm. Badminton rackets, shuttles and non marking shoes are the main equipments required for one to play badminton and all of them can be issued by a student for his/her ID card at the New SAC reception. Apart from this, every hall of residence also has outdoor badminton courts and students can issue required equipments from the Sports secretaries of the HEC of the hall.

Institute Team

The Institue badminton team is a part of the sports contingent of IIT Kanpur. At present there are around 12 boys and 5 girls in the team out of which 5 boys and 3 girls represent the institute in various sports events like, Udghosh, Sangram, SporTech and the Inter IIT Sports Meet. The team is coached by Mr Shailendra Rasaniya. He is very popular among the team members for his style.
He is also the captain of the Institue staff team which comprises of faculty members and staff. The staff members participate in the Staff Inter IIT sports meet.


Badminton can be taken as a Compulsory Physical Activity by the first year students at IIT Kanpur. The CPA lasts for 2 semesters and selected students do drills and regular exercises. Those who show good improvement are asked to join the main Institute team and they may even get a chance to represent the Institute at various levels if they perform well.

Tournaments in the campus

Badminton feautres in many sports fests that happen within the campus. Josh is an open tournament and recieves a huge reception with more than 250 people competing for the title. Students can represent their hostels in Inferno. Institute Badminton League is under consideration by the Games and Sports Council, and we might soon see it's inception.

Both the Boys and Girls emerged as champions at the 50th Inter IIT Sports Meet at IIT Bombay.

Performance and achievements

The institute badminton team is one of the strongest teams in the IIT Kanpur sports contingent with consistent performance over the past few years. Most notable achievements have been:

  • Gold (Boys) at 50th Inter IIT sports meet, IIT Bombay
  • Gold (Boys) at Sangram, 2015
  • Gold (Girls) at 50th Inter IIT sports meet, IIT Bombay
  • Gold (Girls) at Sangram, 2015
  • Silver (Boys) at SporTech, 2016
  • Silver (Girls) at SporTech, 2016
  • Silver (Boys) at Udghosh, 2014
  • Silver (Boys) at SporTech, 2014
  • Silver (Boys) at 49th Inter IIT sports meet, IIT Guwahati
  • Gold (Boys) at Udghosh, 2013
  • Gold (Boys) at 47th Inter IIT sports meet, IIT Roorkee

Notable players

Current players

  1. Gopichand Kotana (Boys captain)
  2. Rohit Chauhan
  3. Palash Chauhan
  4. Devvrat Singh
  5. Abhinav Sharma
  6. Srishti Chaturvedi
  7. Priya Kushram (Girls captain)
  8. Dileep Nair
  9. Prabodh Kumar Pandey
  10. Ashlee
  11. Romal Jaiswal

Former players

  1. Maitrey Verma, Institute Blues,2016
  2. Anant Mundra, GenSec Sports and Games Council,2013
  3. Jaya Gupta, Deputy contingent leader and captain,2014
  4. Rohan Jain
  5. Kartik Singh
  6. Rochak Agarwal
  7. Indra Kanshana
  8. Anvesh Rodda
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