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Athletics is collection of many events involving running, jumping, throwing and walking. All events are part of the IIT kanpur athletics culture. In IIT kanpur started in the initial years of developing IIT Kanpur.Athletics is mostly an individual brix sport, with the exception of relay races and competitions which combine athletes' performances for a team score, such as cross country.Many people including staff and students make exhaustive use of this facility and can be seen in significant numbers on ground in the evening hours.



The ground was made back in early 60's for sporting activities and P.E. exercises. From then it has developed in terms of storage area, nets and seating arena.

Ground Features


IIT kanpur have full size ground for all the athletics activities. It consist of 8 lane 400m track, jumping pit, throwing areana etc. There are all types of equipment used in various event such as starting block for sprinting events , batons for relay races. All throwing equivpment are there. For paulbolt and high jump there are gaddas. Gym facility is also there on the ground. IIT Kanpur offers a very rich sports environment that is further aided by issuing of sports equipment(high quality and standard specifications), fully functional gym, Cricket nets and a Taekwondo arena.


IIT Kanpur being one of the elite IIT's gets to host Inter IIT once in every 7 years, also every once in a while it is a host to the State level Athletics Meet, Uttar Pradesh. It also hosts Inter College festival Udghosh and Intra College festival Josh.There are many event in athletics there are three category of track event: Spriting,Middle-log and Long-distance. Sprint consist of 100m,200m and 400m race and two relays 100*4 and 400*4. Middle long consist of 800m,1500m and 5000m race event. Long-distance consist of 21km(also call half-marathon) and 42km (Full marathon). All the events except 42km are part of IIT kanpur Athletics. The Field consist of two type throwing and jumping. Jumping consist four type of jumping : long jump,high jump, tripple jump , paul-bolt. Throwing events are shot put, disscus, javelin and hammer throw. 110m and 400m Hurdles are also part of IITK Athletics

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Institute Team

Deepak Jorwal

The Institute Team of IIT Kanpur comprises of the finest Athletes among 17 IIT's and are unbeatable from last three years as a team in all the major Athletics Meet till date. Many players of the team have repeatedly broken Inter IIT records and are closing down towards National Level Performances.

Current Captain Boys: Akash Waghela,
Current Captain Girls: Priya Yadav,
Ex-Captain: Vikrant Singh,
Ex-Captain Girls: Devi Mutyala


IIT kanpur have three cochesh for different events : - Ram narayan (Ruuning events) Anjani Dubey (Throwing events) Deepak Dhanowa (Jumping events)

If it is a cliché to say athletics build character as well as muscle, then I subscribe to the cliché. – Gerald Ford, 38th President USA

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