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Animation Club is one of the clubs under the Film and Media Council, IIT Kanpur.
Model of New SAC


The club has three co-ordinators and five secretaries as official positions. The Co-ordinators are selected by the co-ordinators of the previous year and the duties are passed on at the end of the academic year. The new co-ordinators select the secretaries at the outset of the next academic year. The co-ordinators are part of the Films and Media Council Core Team. Club Meetings are held in the Films and Media Council Room on the second floor of New SAC.


The club conducts workshops in New Core Labs and/or Computer Centre at various occasions throughout the year to teach Autodesk 3DSMax to interested students, so that they can participate in Animation club events such as 'Animate for a Cause', organized by the club and conducted as a part of the inter-hall Films and Media Council competition, Spectrum.

The club also encourages students to pursue animation as an interest. Animation Club also hosts a summer long workshop in which a professional from the industry teaches enrolled students software such as Adobe Flash, After Effects, Autodesk 3DSMax etc. in detail, as well as giving the students projects to complete over the summer. A priority is also given to encourage game development and level design using utilities such as Unity, CryEngine, Unreal Engine, Hammer Editor etc. by the co-ordinators.

Youtube Channel

Animation Club IITK has it's own Youtube channel,[1], where they post tutorials on 3DSMax, from very basic to very advanced topics such as imprinting materials on objects etc., as well as showcase some of their work.

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