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Adventure Sports Club is the forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, climbers and armchair mountaineers in the student community. The club works to develop the spirit of adventure in IITians. It aims to make the best of the absolutely flat damn terrain around Kanpur, and the measly vacations, while having the greatest fun possible. Although their stock activities are trekking, rock climbing and mountain cycling, the club also organizes skiing and river rafting sporadically.



a) To carry out as many adventure sports related activity in a possible minimal budget.

b) To introduce various aspects (planning, training session, first aid, logistics) of Adventure sports to a novice (student or faculty!!), and train those who are serious about it.

c) To help in avoiding mishaps and prepare them for any eventualities that might occur during an expedition.

d) Serve as local hub in the campus for various adventure activities related information and help people to plan their activity in a systematic way right from getting information about the place as well as dos and don’ts on the trip.


Adventure Sports Club in its present avatar was started in Feb 1992. It inherited the legacy of the earlier Hiking and Trekking club that existed in those days. With the academic workload and the given timeframe, which is at disposal at the students, the whole programme initially took about 3 years to get it structured in its present form. Now whosoever desires to be a part of it has to just go through the motions. In a way it has evolved in a unique way of introducing the adventure sports to a novice which is more scientific that what is available anywhere.

How to join

There are no special procedures for joining the club. For trekking and mountain biking individuals need to attend the conditioning camp and for wall climbing just come on the wall with shoes on. Students are informed about these activities through email.

Conditioning camps

The club organizes conditioning camp of around 40 days which takes place in the morning. More emphasis is placed on completing the course of the exercises than just becoming super athlete. The training schedule would ensure that the individual for the activity attains the minimum requirement. During the course of exercises, importance is also laid to the fact that the fitter athlete helps the weaker one. That way it builds a good bond and develops better understanding between individuals. Most of the training regime helps the designated leader to identify individuals who could form the core of the team and helps in man management.

Past Trekking Expeditions

Bada Bhangal, March'13
Kuari Pass, March'13
Sikkim Mountain Biking, March'12
Annapurna Circuit Nepal
Bhabha Pass
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