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The Academic System of IIT Kanpur provides the students the option of adding and dropping courses even after registering for the semester. This period is called the add-drop period and its duration is 5 days at the beginning of every semester. After the add-drop period ends, students still have the option to drop the courses until about one month before the end-semester examinations. The link for the OARS can be found here

The add/drop period is a good time for the students to get some courses that he/she was not able to get during the pre-registration period. For example, If a student wishes to change his current HSS, then he/she can talk to the instructor of your preferred HSS and if he agrees then he/she can replace the old HSS with the new one.



  • The maximum credits during Add requests cannot exceed 65 credits for students with CGPA less than 8.0. For others, they have to take permission from DUGC.
  • If a course is dropped, the current credits are reduced by the credits of the course dropped.
  • Once a course is accepted it cannot be deleted, hence the course credits are counted towards your current credits.
  • The absolute difference between Add requests and Drop requests cannot exceed 1.
  • If you want to add as well as drop some courses, it is advised to add courses before dropping them.
  • The registration form must be submitted to DUGC in order to change the semester course list.
  • Do check back the response from DUGC as sometimes the form may get rejected.
  • Timetable clash (except the lab clash) and submitting already passed courses are some of the common ways to get your form rejected.

Adding Courses

While adding new courses, a student cannot exceed the total number of courses beyond X+1, where X is the number of courses for which you pre-registered for. Also, at all times, the student should take care of the fact that the total number of credits should not go below 35 or above 65.

In order to add a course, you have to request the course in the Add course section of the OARS portal. After requesting a course, you have to wait for the professor to accept the course request. Sometimes, you have to write mail(s) to the professors or even go and meet them personally in order to get the course accepted.

Dropping Courses

In order to drop a course, you have to place a drop request in the Drop course section of the OARS portal. After requesting the drop, you have to wait for the professor to accept the drop request. One has to be very careful while dropping the course. Dropping wrong course can affect the current and the upcoming semester drastically. You can drop a course after a add/drop period for that you have to download a form from SUGC's forms from doaa website. After filling the form you have to get it signed from course instructor, DUGC Converner of your department then submit it to DOAA office. DOAA office will let you know status in a few days. You may have to convince the SUGC Chairman to let you drop the course. SUGC may reject your request.

Submitting Form

When all the add/drop request have been accepted/rejected, go to the submit form section to add the courses to the registration form. If there is a timetable clash excluding the labs, the form will be automatically rejected by DUGC.

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