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Various streams in IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur offers wide range of courses to its students. Apart from Engineering, there are various other fields in which it offers degrees. The various departments are:


There are a wide variety of courses offered in the above streams which can be broadly classified as:

Under-Graduate Programme

The objectives of the undergraduate programmes are

  • to provide the highest level of education in technology and science and to produce competent, creative and imaginative engineers and scientists,
  • to promote a spirit of free and objective enquiry in different fields of knowledge,
  • to make a significant contribution towards the development of skilled technical manpower, and
  • to create an intellectual reservoir to meet the growing demands of the nation.
  • The Under-Graduate Programme consists of the following:
    • 4-year B. Tech: The students admitted in this course get a Bachelor of Technology Degree in one of the engineering branches offered here.
    • 4-year B.S.: The students admitted in this course get a Bachelor of Science Degree in one of the engineering branches offered here.

Post-Graduate Programme

The objectives of the postgraduate programmes are:

  • The development of scientific and engineering manpower of the highest quality,
  • to cater to the needs of industry, R & D organisations and educational institutions,
  • a broad grasp of the fundamental principles of the sciences and scientific methods,
  • a deep understanding of the area of specialization,
  • an innovative ability to solve new problems, and a capacity to learn continually and interact with multidisciplinary groups.
  • Above all, the students should have a capacity for free and objective enquiry, courage and integrity, awareness and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of society.
  • The Post-Graduate Programme consists of the following:
    • M. Tech: It is generally of 2 years and students admitted in this get a Masters degree in any of the streams in which they are admitted.
    • M.B.A.: It is generally of 2 years and students admitted in this get a degree in Management of Business Administration.
    • M.Des.: It is generally of 2 years and students get a degree in Management of Design after successful completion of the term.
    • Ph.D.: Students admitted in this programme get a Doctorate of Philosophy.

Grading Policy

IIT Kanpur follows a system of credits. Every subject has been allotted a certain number of credits. The credits are allotted to course on the basis of the number of lectures/tutorials/labs held in a week.A student is awarded a letter grade in each course he/she is registered for, including his/her overall performance in that course. There are ten letter grades: A, B, C, D, E, F, S, X and I. The correspondence between grades and points (on a 10-point scale) / rating is given below:-

  • A*: 10
  • A: 10
  • B: 8
  • C: 6
  • D: 4
  • E: 2
  • F: 0
  • S: Satisfactory
  • X: Unsatisfactory
  • I: Incomplete

A* and A carry the same points, but A* is for exceptional performance in a course.
If a student does not complete all the requirements for a course for a genuine reason, the instructor may award grade I (Incomplete). An I grade must be converted by the instructor to a regular letter grade by the last date for such conversion specified in the Academic Calendar, failing which it is automatically converted to an F grade.
E and F are both fail grades, and a student getting E or F shall have to repeat the course, but E grade can be used to satisfy the pre-requisite requirement for a later course.
A student getting a D grade in a course may be allowed to repeat it or substitute it by another course, provided:

  • His/Her CPI is less than the prescribed minimum and the student is allowed to continue in the programme as per provision in the Academic Performance Requirement, and
  • He/She has completed all the courses as prescribed by the department

In case a course is repeated or substituted, the old grade will also appear on the transcript although it will not be taken into account while computing the CPI/SPI. See Refrence


Credits associated with a course are equal to the number of hours a student is expected to study for that particular course per week including lectures, lab work, tutorials and self-study hours. The normal load in a semester is around 50 credits, which means that students at IIT Kanpur are expected to study at least 50 hours per week.Also we can say that 1 lecture contributes 3 credits, 1 lab(3 hours) contribute 3 credits and 1 tutorial contribute 2 credits. For example courses with:

  • 14 credits include 3 lectures(1 hour each), 1 tutorial(1 hour) and 1 Lab(3 hours).
  • 13 credits include 3 lectures(1 hour each), 1 tutorial(1 hour) and 1 Lab(2 hours).
  • 12 credits include 3 lectures(1 hour each) and 1 Lab(3 hours).
  • 11 credits include 3 lectures(1 hour each) and 1 tutorial(1 hour).
  • 9 credits include 3 lectures(1 hour each) only.
  • 8 credits include 2 lectures(1 hour each) and 1 tutorial(1 hour).
  • 6 credits include 1 lecture(1 hour each) and 1 Lab(3 hours).


The SPI(Semester Performance Index) is an indicator of the overall academic performance of a student in all the courses he/she has registered during a given semester. It is computed as follows: If the grades awarded to student are G1, G2, etc in courses with corresponding credits U1, U2, etc, the SPI is given by :-

SPI= ( U1G1 + U2G2 + ...... ) / ( U1 +U2 + ... )

In the above computation, courses with S and X grades are ignored. Similarly, the CPI(Cumulative Performance Index) indicates the cumulative academic performance in all the courses taken including those taken in the current semester.

The CPI(Cumulative Performance Index) is an up to date assessment of the overall performance of a student from the time he/she entered the Institute calculated in a manner similar to the calculation of SPI. The CPI therefore considers all the courses registered by the student, towards the minimum requirement of the degree he/she has enrolled for, since he/she entered the Institute. The CPI is calculated at the end of every semester to one decimal places and is indicated in semester grade reports.

Some newer programmes

Double Major

A double major is like getting two undergraduate degrees in two different departments at the same time. If you decide to get a double major, you would choose this option at the end of 5th semester. To choose this option, you will have to have a minimum CPI of 8.0 at the end of the 5th semester. A bachelor’s degree with a double major would usually require 5 years to complete. For example, a student of Aerospace Engineering may decide to pursue a 2nd major in Mechanical Engineering at the end of 5th semester, and graduate in five years with a BTech degree in both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.


A Minor is a specialization in a specific field. A list of minors offered by IIT Kanpur will be available to you once you join the institute. These minors may be in a single department or even be interdepartmental. You may choose to do a minor in any department except from your own department. For example, if you are a student in Electrical Engineering, you may choose to do a minor in astrophysics if it is offered. To complete a minor, you will have to do courses worth 24-36 credits (3-4 courses) that contribute towards that minor. These courses may be taken through the ‘elective’ slots in your timetable. Once you have completed all the required courses, you will have a minor which will appear on your transcript (grade sheet). It will NOT appear anywhere on your degree.

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