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The Counselling Service[1] of the IIT Kanpur monitors the the academic performance of the students who are unable to cope up with the academic system of the institute.To help these kind of students especially the freshman batch , from the second year students Academic Mentors are assigned. Any student having any problem regarding the academics can contact any of these mentors directly for help . For first and second year courses, AMs also conducts the remedial classes regularly at institute or hall levels to clarify doubts and concepts from the lectures if any.The work of these mentors are supervised by the Core Academic Team of the Counselling Service which usually consists of third year and fourth year undergraduates.

Responsibilities of Academic Mentor

1. Providing academic mentoring to a sophomore on academic probation.

2. Taught the Freshman Batch a Subject in accordance to the needs of the academically deficient student.

3. Conducting Hall Level and Institute Level Remedial Classes on regular basis to help students if they have any doubts.

4. One to One mentoring to the students who hesitates to ask doubts in public.

5. Helping students in finding their flaws and guide them on how to overcome it.

6. Giving emotional and mental support to the one who needs it.

Remedial Classes

Remedial Classes are meant to clarify the basic concepts. It is possible that all the topics and details as taught by the professor in lecture are not taught in remedial class. However the underlying concepts are fully covered in a much simpler manner so that everyone can understand it, on the basis of which further study can be done. The remedial class's aim is to try and solve problems faced by academically weaker students to help them cope with the academic system of the institute, although everyone who has any doubt regarding the subject are encouraged to attend it.There is always a possibility to miss out on certain concepts while sleeping in class or during self study and the academic load may make us all feel pressurized at times. Therefore, asking for help by mentors or attending remedial classes doesn't undermine your intelligence or your capabilities, but only demonstrates your willingness to learn. Remedial classes are conducted and one to one mentoring is offered for these students. Remedial classes are conducted at regular intervals and on demand near quizzes/exams at institute level as well as hall level for 1st year and 2nd year courses. The aim of these classes, rather than to provide a parallel tutoring system, is to cover topics at a ground level so as to clear concepts and provide motivation for the topics being studied.These classes can be further classified into 3 categories :-

Institute Level Class

Institute level Remedial classes are organized by counselling service in order to provide help in understanding courses and clearing doubts, if any. The main aim for organizing these classes are to clear common doubts in the course and to provide a platform for students to strengthen their basics.

Hall Level Class

Hall Level Classes are held in the respective halls(hostels), This initiative is taken in the under-graduate Halls of Residence to increase the student-mentor interaction. These classes are generally held a week before exam to help a student to clarify their common doubts and help them in solving tricky numerical problems.

One to One mentoring

One-to-one mentoring is a means to address academic problems of students at an individual level, especially for those who aren't able to match other students' pace in a class and/or are hesitant to talk about problems that they are facing publicly.

The contact information of current Academic Mentors can be found here.[2]

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