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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

AUV-IITK is a team of motivated students from IIT Kanpur who have a common aim to research underwater robotics technology and then develop and manufacture an underwater vehicle that is fully automated. It is an independent project funded by the DORD, IITK.


AUV-IITK takes part in various annual competitions like NIOT-SAVE and ROBOSUB in San Diego. In 2016 in it's debut run at the 'SAVe' competion organized by the National Institue of Oceanic Technology(NIOT) Chennai, it secured a second positions only behind IIT Bombay. The other teams to take part in the competition are IIT-Madras, IIT-Kharaghpur and DTU. NIOT funds the winner of Save to take part in the prestigious ROBOSUB competition that takes place in San diego annually where teams from across the globe take part in.


AUV-IITK started as a small summer project under Robotics Club, IITK by some students from the Y-12 batch. After it's success and promising results, the team decided to broaden their vision and decided to pursue the project further. They formed a team separate from the Robotics Club, in a fashion similar to ROBOCON team and hired Y-13 students to carry the project further. The project blossomed ever since.

Various Vehicles

The first prototype vehicle developed by the Y-12 batch was the Anahita 1.0. It was followed by the second prototype Anahita 2.0. The result of experimentation on both these protypes resulted in the first competition vehicle VARUN developed by the Y-14 and Y-15 batches. This was the vehicle that won second place at NIOT-SAVe 2016. A newer unnamed version is under development currently.


The team consists of four sub-systems to divide the work for efficiency and better management. 1). Software Subsystems which is again divided into Vision and Motion Control. 2). Electrical Subsystem 3). Mechanical Subsystem 4). Marketing and Management

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