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Association for Computing Activities (ACA) is a student organization of the computer science department. Most of the activities conducted in the department, like the happy hour,hackathons,etc are organised by ACA.


Our Aims

To state formally, ACA started with following objectives in mind:

  • To spread knowledge about Computer Science and Technology.
  • To encourage students to get involved in extracurricular engineering projects.
  • To provide computing resources and guidance to students.
  • To promote student-student and student-teacher interaction.

ACA Activities

ACA conducts many activities, be it technical or non-technical, throughout the year.



ACA organizes International Online Programming contest (IOPC) in association with Techkriti. From past 3 years, This is being hosted on Codechef. IOPC witnesses participation from over 900 teams all over the world.


Various programming contestsand hackathons are conducted every year. Receently, a programming contest was conducted by ACA in IIT Kanpur that was sponsored by Tower Research Capital. Apart from this, the CODE FUN DO is a hackathon that is conducted every year by Microsoft in association with ACA. It consists of a seven week long online hackathon among the freshers and sophomore students. The top few teams then head to the next round, where they compete with third year students. The code fun Do winners are awarded with great prizes.

Semester Long Projects for Freshers

As a fast track program, ACA requests seniors in the department to float projects for freshers. These projectsv are very diverse and involve fields like machine learning, game theory, web-dev, etc. These projects are mentored mostly by second and third year students.

Summer School

ACA organizes a two and a half month long summer school for IITK as well as non-IITK students every year. There are around 5 courses and any student can register for any course with a nominal fee. The mentors are generally CSE Graduates or 4th year undergraduates of the department.


Happy Hours

Happy Hours are the CSE department get-togethers aimed at encouraging people to get acquainted with their fellow department-mates as well as informal interaction with their professors. Students from all batches and programs and most of the faculty attend these get-togethers and get involved in academic as well as non-academic discussions.They are conducted at regular intervals, atleast once in a semester. Various professors of IIT Kanpur give some talks regarding the fields of work that are there in computer science. After the talks, that last about an hour , all have food together.Not to mention, there are games for everyone too.

Departmental Freshers

This is a welcome to the new batch and an introduction to ACA to them for the first time . All freshers and some of the faculty attend this event. Freshers showcase their talent and introduce themselves.

Departmental Trip

Algorithms ! Cyber-security ! Databases ! Operating systems ! More and more computation!! Jack needs an outing ! No kind of booze is better than a hangout with friends. So, ACA organizes a departmental trip for all the batches after a period of two years.

Departmental Farewell

Saying farewell to the seniors -Time to bid adieu ! This is another session where final yearites share their departing words about their fellow batchmates.

Organizational Structure

Faculty Advisor

ACA works under the guidance of one faculty advisor. Currently, Dr. Rajat Mittal is the guiding faculty advisor (as on 30th August 2017).


The team is currently headed by 3 UG coordinators and 1 PG coordinator who are responsible for organizing all the departmental activities right from freshers' to farewell in addition to several programming competitions and lectures.


Coordinators are assisted by a few scretaries too. Apart from this, ACA also works in collaboration with Programming Club, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kanpur and InfoSec, IIT Kanpur

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